Jacqueline Paizis has worked in further and higher education as a tutor and counsellor to young people, and has an MA in Creative Writing & Authorship from the University of Sussex. Jacqueline has spent periods of her life living and working in Greece, and her first novel is set during the Greek Civil War of 1947–49, telling the story of a young girl who leaves her northern Greek village to join the partisans fighting in the mountains and her later life as a cleaner in Kastoria. In 2007 she was a runner-up in the A&C Black novel competition run by the Literary Consultancy, and in 2010 her short story ‘Albanian Mothers’ was shortlisted for the Bluethumbnail competition. Jacqueline is currently writing her second novel, set on a Greek island in 2009 against the backdrop of the growing economic and social crisis. She lives in Hove, East Sussex.