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Teaming up with her olds pals at the place where her appreciation of quality food began, Shu Han Lee and London Farmers' Markets are running a cookbook giveaway - see Shu's latest blog post and mummyicancook for further details, and meanwhile, you might just want to try out her claypot mushroom recipe while you're there...

The knot thickens

Entanglement continues to pique the public interest, with Emma receiving requests for radio interviews from Texas and Ireland among others, and pieces in the Big Issue and the Smithsonian magazine. Elsewhere the book has been picked up by US Elle magazine and Flavorwire as one of their top books of November, and in the Literary Review Wendy Moore writes that 'Entanglement unravels a story that is by turns surprising, unsettling and disturbing, but never anything less than absorbing.'

A good hair day

Thursday night saw the launch of Emma Tarlo's Entanglement at Covent Garden's Ena salon, where guests participated in lively discussion of all subjects hair-related while sitting round in hairdressers' chairs. 

Reviews so far include Nicola Shulman in the Oldie, who describes Emma as 'a writer as intrepid as she is intelligent', commenting that 'it's not often a book gives you new eyes for your everyday world'. Meanwhile, Lucy Hughes Hallett, writing in the New Statesman, sums it up as a 'clever, idiosyncratic book'.


Emma Tarlo on Radio 4's Woman's Hour

Entanglement author Emma Tarlo began a flurry of pre-publication publicity with an appearance on Radio 4's Woman's Hour on Tuesday, talking to presenter Jane Garvey about the many aspects of the hair industry that remain almost unknown to most of us. A busy day then saw Emma on London Live TV, calling for better regulation of the hair industry, followed by a 90-minute interview for BBC online news. Meanwhile, the first reviews are coming in on both sides of the Atlantic, with the Oldie referring to Entanglement as a 'wonderful book' and Emma 'a writer as intrepid as she is intelligent'.

Red Trees to be a feature-length documentary

Leena Telèn, along with her husband Brian Eley, is now confirmed as joint scriptwriter for Marina Willer's documentary Red Trees. Having started life as a short film about Marina's grandfather's escape from the Holocaust to Brazil, Red Trees has now been financed as a feature-length documentary, scheduled for release in 2017.

Far Eastern Entanglement

Korean publisher Yiyaginamu has secured rights to Emma Tarlo's Entanglement, which it plans to publish in the next 18 months - a very fitting deal given Korea's central role in the recent history of the hair trade. And in China, the book will now be published by SDX Joint Publishing Company of Beijing.

Ballymaloe Litfest

This year's Ballymaloe Literary Festival of Food & Drink saw Joseph Trivelli returning to cook one of his legendary sell-out lunches. With fellow guest speakers including April Bloomfield, Alice Waters, and Honey & Co's Sarit Packer and Itamar Srulovich, he was in fine company for one of the jolliest wee festivals in town.

The morality of business

Speaking on Radio 4's The Moral Maze as an expert witness last night, John Morrison put forward the argument for how far businesses should take on and operate with a certain level of moral responsibility, beyond what is imposed by the law, in his trademark calm, considered and confident style - not even Melanie Phillips could unnerve him...

In or out? Sophia debates Brexit

Sophia Cannon will be arguing the case for staying in Europe as part of a Channel 4 News debate on the subject taking place on Tuesday 17th May. With Kwasi Kwarteng among her opponents, it'll certainly be a lively discussion - tune in to see the subject being argued by someone other than the overprivileged white men at the centre of this historical struggle...

Chicken and Rice - what a shout-out!

How exciting that on the publication of Shu Han Lee's Chicken and Rice she got an Instagram shout-out from none other than Jamie Oliver! With endorsements also coming from Diana Henry and Ed Smith (of Rocket and Squash), among others, it's clear that Shu is set to lead the way in Southeast Asian cookery.

Hühnchen und Reis?

German publisher Dumont has secured publication rights to Shu Han Lee's Chicken and Rice, along with De Fontaine in the Netherlands. We won't even try to guess at what the Dutch title will be, but watch out for Chicken and Rice in all its many worldwide forms!

Sophia live on Radio 5

Sophia Cannon's been braving the airwaves again, this time as a guest on Radio 5Live's Stephen Nolan show. Always a great and entertaining contributor, her next outing will be on Saturday 12 June at 11pm.

Our Daily Brød

February's edition of Jamie magazine featured a wondeful piece on the rise of Scandinavian bakeries in the UK, including a double-page spread about Daniel Karlsson's Bageriet. Wonderful to see the growing appreciation of Scandinavian baked goods in the UK, and not only in London - Bageriet is in great company when it comes to fika up and down the country!

Chopsticks Brunch Club

Turning the supper club idea on its head, Shu Han Lee has decided to start her very own Sunday brunch club. But before you start thinking of eggs, bacon and avocado toast, think again. Nope, this is all about good and simple Southeast Asian cooking, with several courses, often involving congee or noodles, different vegetables, and always a touch of spice. For more information, visit Shu's website.