Niamh Farnon & Victoria O’Brien are the founders of ‘Hackney Manners presents’, a series of gift books and products aimed at the style-savvy urban parent.

‘It started as a conversation over drinks, dinner and rather appalling behaviour. We’re mums. We made each other laugh. We both live in a not too pretty, really quite gritty, but now quite hipster area of East London. We are not hipsters. We do not have beards (yet), top knots, or push bikes. We enjoy pop-ups, but are also partial to pop tarts, and like to consider ourselves astute afficionados of the local art scene, but mostly we are just middle class. We didn’t grow up in Hackney. One of us is from suburban Pinner, at the end of the Metropolitan Line, the other from Staffordshire, where nothing much happens and people potter around their large gardens, literally. We mostly wear black, but that’s only because we have kids and can’t decide what else to put on in the morning.’

Victoria O’Brien worked for over ten years as an arts correspondent and interior design journalist for the Sunday Times STYLE section and The Times magazine. She has also written on interiors for the TelegraphHomes & GardensLiving etc. and other international titles. 

Niamh Farnon worked in fashion and lifestyle design teams, including Habitat, for over fifteen years before training in photography. She is a Getty Images contributor and has a blog (Daisy & Finn’s Party Ideas,